Friday, June 9, 2017

STOP getting lost admiring everyone else's creativity!

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in your search of Google, Youtube or Pinterest?
You watch the videos, you pin some great cards and stuff yet end up running out of time to actually sit and make something yourself?  Well, I sure have!!! 😬

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest and the plethora of ideas that abound there. But, sometimes I find myself getting lost admiring everyone else's creativity and I kind of loose my own creative spirit. Maybe it's that whole comparison paralysis that can happen. Maybe I wasted hours searching the web (ahem, we are talking theoretically here...right?) and I no longer have the time or energy to create anything. Or maybe I start to believe that I'm not really that creative after all.....

Well, I have a great solution.... Are you up for the challenge???

I believe we all (Yes, I definitely include myself in this) need to just shut down the computer and stop looking at our phones for ideas.  (Stick with me here.... 😉) We need to simply allow ourselves to sit and actually create something. Yes, with our own hands make something. Not just admire what someone else is doing but be inspired by what they are doing to make something of our own.

I gave myself a challenge to create something using inspiration from somewhere other than the internet... So I turned off the computer and put away my phone.... And then I pulled out the NEW Stamping' UP! Annual catalog for some inspiration.  I know, you hear catalog and you think of shopping. But, the annual catalog is so much more than a catalog. It is an idea book filled with page after page of endless creative inspiration. admittedly, I myself don't seem to use this awesome idea book to it's maximum potential. Oh, but when I do.... I'm rarely (what am I saying, more like NEVER) sorry with the creativity that comes.  💖

I created this card based on the This Little Piggy card  shown in the photo that is on page 48 of the annual Stamping' UP! Catalog.  As you can see my card is completely different but I drew my inspiration from each element on the original little piggy card.  I used a different color, shape, stamp set, etc. Yet I still included every element of the original card with the exception of the stitching (I can only go so far... lol!) But I have to say I am super pleased and absolutely LOVE the way this card turned out 💕
In fact, I am so pleased with the way this card turned out and I am feeling completely inspired to create more. So I've decided to make this a regular posting to share with you each week that I will call Case the Catty Thursday 😀

What are your thoughts? Am I alone in my creative struggle? Any recommendations on a card from the catalog that I should Case next?  Please give me your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!!

Happy Creating,
Michelle 😍

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